Ableton Live Training


Customized Ableton Instruction

Private study for beginning to advanced students. See how Ableton Live can be used to help create the music YOU want to make.

Music Theory and Songwriting Lessons

A music course designed for producers, DJs and songwriters which fully integrates Ableton Live. Learn how to create chords, melodies and new interesting rhythms. Understand how to combine samples in different keys. Understand the piano keyboard and its relationship to arranging music for all instruments. Learn how to read and write music using staff notation system and create lead sheets for studio musicians.

Custom Performance Solutions

Bands, solo artists, percussion ensembles, theatrical groups, outdoor performing ensembles

Design a live performance solution for your stage, outdoor ensemble or theater performances.

  • Incorporate backing tracks
  • Launch samples live
  • Create custom click tracks
  • Sync live and recorded instruments
  • MIDI systems

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