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Ableton Live Workshop, Feb 15th - Boulder CO

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I'm very excited to be presenting an Ableton Live workshop on Sunday February 15th from 2pm - 3pm. The event will be at Madelife (2000 21st Street) in Boulder CO.

Register Here (seating is limited)

I'm going to talk about how I use Ableton Live to take sounds from the studio to the stage. Since I'm both a instrumentalist and a producer this means using ideas that I've generated from my computer and my saxophone. Sometimes I create new ideas by playing to a new beat and recording my performance. These ideas can quickly be turned into parts of a song and then performed live.

Ableton Live is an extremely powerful live performance tool. No two people use it exactly the same way. I'm going to talk and show how I use Live onstage to perform finished compositions but still allow some space for live improvisation both with midi controllers and the sax.

One of my favorite new ways to trigger effects on stage has been with the Nintendo Wiimote! I'm using in combination with a piece of software called Osculator to control custom effect racks I've built in Ableton Live. Its a ton of fun and not that difficult to set up either.

I'm planning on sharing all my Wii FX racks and performance template after the workshop. If that sort of thing would be useful for you I'm happy to give the download link to everyone who attends the workshop

Thank you to Madelife and Ableton for the invitation to speak at this event.