Getting Started With Ableton Live: Week 3

In the third week we will learn how sample external sounds, use the sampling instruments in Live, use drums racks to create beats and play samples, use synthesizers to design custom sounds and effects.

Topics may include…

  • Introduction to Simpler
  • Simpler vs Sampler
  • Sampler View
  • Sample Controls
  • How to Use Envelopes
  • Pitch Envelopes
  • Filters
  • LFOs
  • What is a Drum Rack
  • Creating a Drum Rack
  • Loading Sounds
  • Chains
  • Multis
  • Macros
  • Choke
  • Sends and Returns
  • Saving Drum Racks
  • Nested Drum Racks
  • Using External Drum Machines