Getting Started With Ableton Live: Week 4

In the fourth and final week, we will learn how to turn song ideas into an arrangements and add variation. Once we have an arrangement, we will learn mixing techniques inside of Live and finalize the song. After a song is mixed we will learn how to integrate video and live performance techniques.

Topics may include…

  • The Transport
  • Record from session to arrange view
  • Locators & Info Text
  • Changing Time Signatures
  • Splitting Clips
  • Clip & Cross Fades
  • Consolidating Clips
  • Consolidating to Scenes
  • Recording Variations
  • Cut & Paste Commands
  • Editing Automation
  • Recording Clip Automation
  • Overdubbing Automation
  • Mapping Third Party Plugins
  • Unlink Clip Regions
  • Mixing with Groups
  • Utility
  • EQ 8
  • Compression
  • Effect Racks
  • Sends and Returns
  • Working with Video
  • Structuring a Live Set
  • The Crossfader